Wargames Rules for Ancient and Medieval Battle 3000 BC to 1500 AD


by Phil Barker and Richard Bodley Scott

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sumbul1a   DBM Official V3.2 Amendments (incorporating V3.1)

Army Lists:

sumbul1a   DBM 2nd Edition Lists (Books 2 - 4) Official Errata Sheet

Army Choice & Tactics:

sumbul1a   Beginner's Guide to DBM

sumbul1a   Alan Patrick's "Slacker's Playing Guide"

sumbul1a   Carthaginians

sumbul1a   Numidians

sumbul1a   Ottomans

sumbul1a   Fast Light Horse

sumbul1a   The Universal Soldier

Useful Links:

sumbul1a   DBM Miniatures Wargame Page

sumbul1a   British Historical Games Society

sumbul1a   Society of Ancients

sumbul1a   Mark Wilmot's CyberBoard PBEM DBM Page

sumbul1a   Bob Nedwich's Bronze Age DBM Page

sumbul1a   DBM Wargames Down-Under

sumbul1a   DBM NWA Page

sumbul1a   Gavin Pearson's DBM Page


sumbul1a   The truly wonderful DBA On Line

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